OPEB Made Simple

The Florida Municipal Pension Trust Fund (FMPTF), administered by the Florida League of Cities, has created an innovative OPEB Trust that simplifies the process of administering your municipality’s other post employment benefits (OPEB) plan. The process of joining the new OPEB Trust is as easy as 1-2-3. Whether you choose to fund your OPEB liability over a number of years, or to fund the entire liability up-front, the League’s straightforward approach will provide a simplified method to manage your OPEB liability. In addition, fees for the new OPEB Trust’s administration are significantly lower than attempting to secure each individual service on your own.

OPEB Trust – A Simplified Solution Is Just Three Steps Away:

1. The Actuarial Valuation

2. Select a Level of Service

  • Investment Only
    • Investment Management
      • Oversight by the Fund's Board of Trustees
      • Investment Advisory Committee to review performance of managers
      • Investment policy
      • Detailed investment and trust reports
      • Broad selection of investment asset classes
      • Three different asset allocation models
      • Monthly rebalancing of assets
    • Performance Monitoring
      • Quarterly portfolio reports
      • Quarterly market overviews
      • Year round administrator and compliance monitoring
    • Custodial Services
      • Nationally recognized custodian to safeguard and administer funds
      • Monthly Statements
  • Full Administration
    • All Investment Only services listed above
    • Actuarial services
    • Administration and record keeping of OPEB benefits
    • Processing of contributions and distributions

3. Funding

  • Up-front Funding, ARC or Combination
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