OPEB Trust Investments

The investment philosophy of the Florida Municipal Pension Trust Fund (FMPTF) is to seek long-term growth of capital and income achieving consistent returns, while avoiding extreme volatility in the market. These portfolios use high quality stocks and bonds to help achieve our stated investment goals.

Portfolio Informational Statements: http://www.floridaleagueofcities.com/Finance.aspx?CNID=59

Portfolio Fact Sheets: http://www.floridaleagueofcities.com/Finance.aspx?CNID=54

Current Performance: http://www.floridaleagueofcities.com/Finance.aspx?CNID=60

Assets in the FMPTF are managed through the Florida Municipal Investment Trust (FMIvT) in the following portfolios:

Broad Market High Quality Bond Fund
  • Investment Manager: Capital Management
  • Asset Class: Fixed Income
  • Benchmark: Lehman Brothers A+ Aggregate Index
High Quality Growth Portfolio
  • Investment Manager: Atlanta Capital Management
  • Asset Class: Large Cap Growth Equity
  • Benchmark: Russell 1000 Growth Index
Large Cap Diversified Value Equity Portfolio
  • Investment Manager: Hotchkis & Wiley
  • Asset Class: Large Cap Value Equity
  • Benchmark: Russell 1000 Value Index
Russell 1000 Enhanced Index Portfolio
  • Investment Manager: INTECH
  • Asset Class: Large Cap Equity
  • Benchmark: Russell 1000 Index
Diversified Small Cap Equity Portfolio
  • Investment Manager: Atlanta Capital Management
  • Asset Class: Small Cap Equity
  • Benchmark: Russell 2000 Index
International Blend Portfolio
  • Investment Manager: Alliance Bernstein
  • Asset Class: International Equity
  • Benchmark: MSCI EAFE Index

Investment services provided the OPEB Trust:

Investment Management
  • Oversight by the Fund's Board of Trustees
  • Investment Advisory Committee to review performance of managers
  • An investment policy
  • Detailed investment and trust reports
  • Broad selection of investment asset classes
  • Three different asset allocation models
  • Monthly rebalancing of assets
Performance Monitoring
  • Quarterly portfolio reports
  • Quarterly market overviews
  • Year round administrator and compliance monitoring
Custodial Services
  • Nationally recognized custodian to safeguard and administer funds
  • Monthly Statements

The FMPTF currently has three asset allocation strategies*.

50% Equity - 50% Fixed
60% Equity - 40% Fixed
70% Equity - 30% Fixed
7% or less
between 7% and 8%
8% or greater

*Members may elect a custom asset allocation at an additional cost of $3,000/yr
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